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FU!UK Sculpting FAQ Index

1. Getting Started

1.1 Tools:

What tools should I use?
What’s a wax #5?
Where can I buy them?
Can I make my own sculpting tools?

1.2 Putty:

What putties can I use?
What are their different properties?
How long does it take to set?
Can I speed-up/slow-down the setting process?
How should I store them?
Which glues work with which putties?
Can I mix different types of putty together?
Are there any materials I shouldn’t use?

2. Taking that first step

2.1 Laying out your foundations:

Where do I start?
What reference material do you use?
Can I copy someone else's figure/artwork
What are dollies and armatures?
How do I make them?

2.2 Bring in the putty:

In what order do you sculpt the various parts of a mini?
Can you make things separately and glue them on later?
How do you support/hold the mini when you are working on it?
What is 'bulking-out' and why is it so important?
How do you put "weight" into a pose
I accidentally swallowed a piece of greenstuff, can you help me?
How do I remove hardened/soft putty if I make a mistake?
How do I get a crisp edge?
How do I get that smooth and shiny finish?
What's the expected lifetime of a green?
How long does it take you to finish a miniature?

3. Casting your mini:

3.1 What you should know before starting:

What is the maximum size a figure can be?
How thin is too thin to cast?
What can and cannot be moulded?
Will my master survive the moulding?
How do you cut up a model that will be a multipart cast?
And how do you know where to cut?
How do I make joints in multipart models?
How do you add a tab for a slotta based model?
What is the mouldline?

3.2 Casting and moulding:

What’s a mouldmaker?
Metals? Lead, Lead-free, pewter, Zinc. What and why?
Rubbers Vs Silicons?
Pressures and shrinkage?
What is the expected mould life?
Why does the mouldmaker take so long with my greens?
When will sculpting make me rich and famous?

FAQ compiled with the help of Seth Nash and Pete Brown

Any queries relating to the frother sculpting contest should be referred to contest enquiries. FU!UK is not responsible for any acts of grand larceny carried out through its web site. I hope.