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Where FU!UK Sculpting Contests go to die...

This is the gateway to the current and previous editions of the annual FU!UK sculpting contest.

You can access the full contest pages by clicking on the animated banners.

Enter in the next contest and who knows, maybe you'll win one of these much coveted (virtual) trophy's below and enter your name in the Hall of Fame...

Past Contests Hall Of Fame:

Multiple winners:

- Kev "Hasslefriesian" White:

- Brad "FPS" Shier:

- Richard "Woody" Ansell:

- Michael "Mabus" Brand:

- Victoria Lamb:

- Drew "Drewster" Wiliams:

- Ming-Hua "Minimaker" Kao

- Shane "Gwartisan" Hoyle:

- John "Poshgoblin" Pickford:

- Ebob:

Single Gold Winners:

- Kai Teck "Fatgoblin "Ng
- Bob Olley
- Javier Marin
- Aaron "Black Crab" Brown
- Tony 'Nym" Robillard
- Simon Fraser

Single Silver Winners:

- Ed Foster
- Alex M
- Guillaume "Nabasadanoir" Rieu
- Khornes Rage
- Daniel Joyce
- Neil Blue
- Snuurg
- Dave Leigh

Single Bronze Winners:

- Rob
- Ben Pung
- Dr. Grant Jacobson
- Jakar Nilson
- Steve Saunders
- Cindy Dukino
- Andrew Rae
- Adrian Michaels
- Sylvain Quirion
- A.B. Cruz